Following Christy Ann's success at her first competition in Tennessee, she headed to Kentucky to compete again the next week. Her results were confirmed from the week before with another top 5 finish at this venue, coming in 3rd place amongst many fit and experienced competitors. This would make 2 national qualifying events in row where judges placed Christy Ann among the nation's top bodybuilding athletes. First two shows were a success!


"I felt fairly confident heading into this competition. The week before was the first show I had ever competed in and went in with no real expectations, but placed really high. This week the pressure was on to prove that last week wasn't a fluke or a mistake. Needless to say it was an adrenaline rush!"      ***Christy Ann***


"Posing looks simple enough, but it takes hours of practice and fine tuning to perfect the angles you want to show the judges when you finally take the stage. You get around 10-15 seconds to make a lasting impression amongst hundreds of other competitors. So you have to execute every single detail!" ***Christy Ann***