Treadmill or Pie ?


PIE vs


A regular slice of strawberry pie is almost 400 calories. It tastes great, and if you've been working hard, you can afford to spend 400 calories on it. I believe it is important to have "cheat meals" or "reward days." I usually save my reward days for the weekend, but if I've cheated during the week like all of us sometimes do, it has to be made up for somewhere. Consider this:

1 piece of pie = 400 cal vs 40 min of Treadmill = 400 cal

I calculated my time on the treadmill taking into account my age, weight, resistance, & speed. Your's will vary slightly. But this is definitely an eye opener isn't it???

It is important to incorporate cardio into your training program regardless. Running on the treadmill can definitely improve your cardiovascular health in addition to getting almost all the muscles in your body "working." The more you move, the more calories you are burning! That's a bonus!!! 

The bottom line for me is.... Because I had a piece of strawberry pie at my family's Larbor Day dinner, I'm faced with two choices, 1.) I can cut 400 calories out of food intake this week or 2.) I can run an extra 40 minute on the treadmill. (Or similar cardio regime.) If I already run 20 minutes per day, 5 days/ wk... I can simply adjust to 28 minutes per day and come close to making up for that delicious pie. Next week, I may opt out of having pie tho!

There are faster ways to burn calories (if you are up for it) and your gym probably has multiple machines for that purpose. The above is simply a rough guide/illustration, comparing two different methods to recovering over-spent calories in your diet. Best of luck in your fitness journeys, and please let me know if I can ever help.